Placer Examination Book

Principals and Practice of Placer Examination

Are you struggling under the recession? Go find Gold! This book will help you. A rare field guide book “... prepared specifically for use by the Bureau of Land Management personnel” to evaluate gold placer mining operations. Prospector Barry Murray (TheProspector.com) has annotated what is an excellent "text book" with a hope that it would be useful for to the small miners wondering what the government is talking about — because under the "peoples" Mining Law of 1872, un-patented mining claims are in a surface/mineral partnership with the US Forest Service, and BLM, that are Federal Agencies that know it takes hard work to put out flash fires caused by an "all hat no cattle" constitutional thumping militia.
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Howdy Stranger... you got any money left?

The Old West organized miner's district exchanges were used to advertise and sell Mining Law of 1872 small business claim holder's company stock to anyone that walked through door. These 'Honkeytonks', thanks to individual states Blue Sky laws, all that is holding the no longer exist anywhere close enough to actually do your own due diligence, are these oil cloth banners, with display ropes holding a aging building from tumbling down.

This also is because a totally unfair mining money monopoly benefiting from 'Reg D. Exclusions', leading to today's banishment from A+ small cap corporate jobs opportunities for American mine workers, already free trade discriminated against by Canadian TSX 43-101 regulations, on individually American claims that required US citizenship to stake, are increasingly being held by multi-nationally controlled derivate freaks that have created an international 'paper monster' which according to the Money Morning newsletter is valued today at 36 times the US GDP. A hard calculation, beyond 20 fingers and toes, for supply side workers kept in the dark by when working underground on an old fashioned Profit / Loss accounting standard.

Which sort of explains how supply-side mines actually producing a product for profit, are in risk of loss, while the financial-side mining Spam mail PR documented 'new finds' being churned by a paperless printing presses, can afford to promise the Bernie Maddox 'gold standard' returns of 20 percent!

From our viewpoint, lopsided looking down from halfway up the Golden Mountain, the only catastrophic that can happen to the tap dancing, barefoot millionaire chorus of the road show cast of Mel Book's The Producers is pumping up the financial-side market price, to dump the small investors through a bankruptcy (engineered by a golden parachute CEO) happens to be how to float a yet-another-new-issue to develop a famous property, with an distinctive sounding name, using the drill proven reserves of twice the already amortized production.

And just what are those bunch of financial bullies known as stock brokers, strutting about with a bit-coin plated badge flashing a 1933 SEC Regulations Accredited Agent Authority to close down long lived equity businesses they really don't understand, doing to self regulate themselves? As witnessed in Mining District law, best seen in the down loadable Paint Your Wagon video, featuring the vocal talents of Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin, or by reading Bred Hearts Outcasts of Poker Flat.

Since you have virtually crossed the great divide to listen to our whisper from the wilderness, might I suggest that our on-line as a First Amendment protected www.MiningMagazines.com, with a crank-a-dank publisher since before the world wide web, 1997, and a networked www.WesternMiner.com vetting listing below, are one way around, by dealing direct with those who actually own supply-side gold, for widowed, orphaned, and 401K hedge fund challenged retirees being short changed for not being on the long side of futures commodity minerals.

Consider, also the 'flyer's' and plain hand lettered notes are not the same as some red herring IPO blue sky protected mining industry money monopoly Spam advertising flooding your e-mail in-box every day,. might be in violation with FTC truth in advertising promises for an inside information "new find" of a few grams, in a troy ounce market, so secret all that can be divulged for verifiable reports, is that the Banks of 'Gold Run' creek, Somewhere West of Wikenburg, Arizona Territory, are more secure than the cyber vaults of the anti-American multinational offshore banks as found on strange named islands, as "Turks Cocas", and "Mad-Hatten", a native explanation for the First Great Real Estate Bubble Bursting.

So come on in pilgrim, belly up to the bar (another good expression taken over by anything but gay lawyers) where if you slide a chilled glass of Hooch, stirred but not shaken, down to the town drunk Arthur Anderson, he may thank you with some advice on the individuals tax-write off shelter known as an 1040, Schedule C, for qualifying being at risk when playing casino hedge fund capitalism.

This is why we at MiningMagazines.com suggest that individuals go direct to make up their own mind, on the potential of a mine, instead of sheepishly being corralled for the flocking of an annual shearing.

Prospects that make sense are hard for flat-landers to find anymore. This how why we crazy old mountain men can compete so well with our own inside information on, 'bottom down' prospects, with a 'start-up advantage'.

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Alaska placer gold property

As TheProspector.com, who once was a neighbor on other creeks in the Ophir Mining District, I love listing this call-the-individual owner-direct opportunity... after reading this protected PDF so you don't embarrass yourself asking dumb questions.

This is where those demanding a "operating gold mine" for no paper money down, might learn a bit on mine finance.

This actually is the second time listing on our www.WesternMiner.com database (that is rapidly becoming an information rich library) as Dan and Cindy somehow survived the Chinese and Vietnamese hostel Alaska takeovers that used a TSX shell, that after selling EB-5 green cards, ended up with 64 judgments against the JRun-prinicpaled principles.

This 32 page down-loadable PDF will require a bit more time to understand how an individual is the single signer on the mineral rights of 500 Million tons of Nepheline Syenite needs a little help producing the affordable housing answer to climate change known as FoamKrete.

Being that the only other US source for the 'magic admixture' is 3M, and that China sells the same chemical package, in face powder containers, for $250 per ton, it is a wonder that bean counters have not recognized this breakthrough in concrete production.

Especially when going to You-tube to look at AAC and CLC "do it yourself" concrete construction in Asia that includes the pump-able mixture that expands 4 to 5 times in volume being used in the 3D printing of houses.

Investing direct into a mining project making a product

"Joint Venture" or "Option Lease" Postings that apparently have not been yet been "Sold Outright"

As the old organized West miner's exchanges were used to advertise and sell, lease, joint venture, or horse trade small Mining Law of 1872 claim holder's nearby properties consider that WesternMiner.com, and GoldMiningClaims.net and MiningMagazines.com authorized listing below are one very valid way for widowed, orphaned, and retirees 401K hedge fund investors for being short changed by not being on the long side of the "yo yo" futures commodity minerals.

True North Tanana Alaska Gold Mining Claims with full facility crew camp and equipment for sale.

Alaska Livengood Gold Claims For Sale:
480 acres State of Alaska gold claims with very good road access in an area famous for gold!!

Four Alaska Federal Interior Gold Claims For Sale Off The Dalton Hwy. next to the successful Jubilee Gold Mine. Complete with a medium/small finishing centrifuge.

The Nick Gold Mine Pershing County, NV
Historical past producer with placer AND hard rock potential. Fully permitted for placer mining. Minimal work required to be turn-key ready for production. Fully permitted wash plant on site. Two water wells with a total allocation of over 132 million gallons of process water annually. Property includes a two acre millsite area with a fully equipped 400 yard per hour placer recovery circuit, 50,000 gallon water storage tank, three recirculation ponds, an on-site water well, and a tool and parts inventory storage house. Available for outright purchase.
Click HERE for a PDF report of the property

Dawson City Producing Gold Mine For Sale —Wounded Moose Gold Mine
80 km SE of Dawson City, area of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897. Two wheel drive road access for entire mining season. Land use permits and water license in place as well as equipment and camp.

Numerous Nome Alaska Gold Claims For Sale:
Over 2500 acres under claim so should have something that would work for most miners. Average cost to purchase is about 10K/claim. Some are less if you wanted to take all of them in a given area. Some are more where we have tested paystreaks.

The Telegraph Gold Mine, Downieville, California is a fully permitted underground gold mine located in one of the richest districts of the California Mother Load. Historical Mother Lode Producer-Huge Gold Reserve -Rich Tertiary River Channels - Five Large High-grade Veins - 3,000 Acres With 9 Mines - CA NI 43-101 available. Open for joint venture partnership.

Historic Alaska Chicken Creek Gold Claims For Sale - 28 Alaska Gold Dredging and Cat Mining Claims for Sale

New Mexico Gold, Oro Grande, Placer Gold Mining Claims For Sale In Historic Big Burro Mountain Area, White Signal Mining District
New Mexico gold placer claims for sale or possible joint venture. The recent re-discovery of a quarter-of-a-century old economic appraisal report for a proposed large placer project has led to the formation of Oro Grande claims of 680 acres (17 claims) of placer gold claims in southwest New Mexico. The claims are fully encompassed by historic mining activity.

Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc mining claims in the midst of mining friendly Northern Nevada's mineral boom area.17 patented mining claims and 2 quarter sections of fee land for sale.

Patented Montana Gold Mine For Sale - Historic Bannack District
89.25 acres of patented gold property legally divided into 6 parcels located along Grasshopper Creek. It comes with all water and mineral rights. This property is one of the last (and mostly) un-mined parcels along Grasshopper Creek (Each Parcel has creek frontage).

California, Permitted, Production Ready, Gold Mine for Sale.
The Discovery Day Gold Property is one of only a few permitted, production ready properties with its own on-site mill available in California, consisting of 48 unpatented BLM mining covering over 950 acres of land and encompassing the entire prolific Knownothing mining district. The claim block contains 5 historical producing mines, the Discovery Day, Gilta, Hansen, Knownothing and Jeannette. As a group this collection of mines produced over 60,000 ounces of gold, and were considered some of the most valuable in the state.

Gold Rush Yukon - Dawson City Klondike, Kohlman Gold Mine For Sale Complete With Equipment and Housing
Located on Bonanza Creek four miles from Dawson City, Yt. consisting of 27 creek and bench claims all blocked together. There is approximately 80 years of assessments on the claims, with 9 years left on a 10 year water license. Placer mine comes with one house and a small cabin and two van trailers converted into shops with various supplies and one shipping container for storage of new parts.

Ready to mine NOW! 13 Claims on Laskey Creek in the Klondike gold-fields. Good road access to claims via a secondary road maintained by the goverment. Sixty (60) miles from Dawson City. Laskey is a tributary of Gold Run Creek. Lots of history on this creek. Owners have some ground stripped and have done bulk sampling. Water license in place good until 2020, water license are transferable and claims can be immediately mined.

WOW! All your dreams can come true with this custom passive solar ranch home sitting on 8+ acres, surrounded by the Roosevelt National Forest with your own historic gold mine with all mineral rights. Mountain living close to Boulder Colorado, and garages for 6 cars. Enjoy full length second story deck to view of your own private gold mine and the surrounding mountains and wildlife. Complete with shop and greenhouse. Reasonably priced for what you getting. Live like a king and make gold at the same time.

Kluane Lake, Yukon “Bliss” Gold Property For Sale By Owner:
29 grouped claims in good standing and mining equipment with a Water License and Land Use Permit is in place and good until 2016. Located in the south west Yukon in the Kluane Mining region, along scenic Kluane lake across from Burwash Landing and Destruction Bay.

Montana, Elk Gulch Vermiculite Mine For Sale.
This property consists of eighty-five (85) BLM mining claims near Dillon, Montana. A significant investment by the owning company has allowed the mine and mill to become production-ready.

Gold Creek Alaska Gold Nugget Mine For Sale or Trade:
10 state of Alaska gold mining claims, 40 acres each. Near Wiseman Alaska in an area referred to by old-timers as the “potato patch” due to the large size of the nuggets. Priced to sell...this one won't last long!

Alaska Gold /Platinum Producing Mine For Sale
Brooks Range Exploration II LLC. offering 9,500 acres of State of Alaska mining claims in the Brooks Range on Wild Lake at Lake Creek near Bettles Alaska with camp and equipment on site ready to produce.

The Eldorado Gold Mine — an Arizona/Nevada border 20 acre patented gold claim for sale inside of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, forty minutes from Las Vegas and 25 miles south of Hoover Dam. Make gold and recreate on your own private land.

FOR SALE – 10 Iron ore properties in Nevada
All Projects are on Bureau of Land Management land which includes 132 claims (2640 acres) located in Mineral, Nye and Esmeralda County.

Dawson City Producing Gold Mine For Sale —Wounded Moose Gold Mine
80 km SE of Dawson City, area of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897. Two wheel drive road access for entire mining season. Mine is mostly prepared and ready to mine for the 2010 season, and the owner will provide assistance, advice, training, orientation, for the 2010 season. Land use permits and water license in place as well as equipment and camp.


What potential mining investors really need to know is the frontier idea of a prospector making a strike, say, in the Bullfrog Mining District of Rhyolite, Nevada, of recent Barrick (ABX) Mining fame, and taking it to the Miners Exchange Building in Beaty, Nevada, for further exploration funding, is that local “financial industry” institution of introducing “opportunities” to ordinary investing citizens, has morphed into a casino, and now is a hardware store.

After all buying into the Bullfrog mine, alone, which produced 690,000 ounces of gold really wasn’t as funny as, “Pssst, do you want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?” Doubly funny is that one Charles M. Schwab, was asked to invest in the Montgomery Shoshone Gold Mine, and “ha-ha-ha” he took his profits Back East to build the grandest and most ambitious house ever, ‘Riverside,’ on the island of Manhattan, at the end of the road traveling to Wall Street, over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Here is a real, real life scenario is that a www.WesternMiner.com claim holder goes to New York City, hat in hand, looking for funding of a $3 million dollar drill program to prove up $200 million in “proven” reserves. My answer was it would take an upfront $3 million to global investment bankers Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc., and Arthur Andersen LLP, Certified Public Accountants, to raise $6 million. Perhaps this, drawing from my Wall Street TV reality off Broadway show experience might get me a position in the chorus of barefoot millionaires, in the Broadway hit of “The Producers II.”

Back to basics.

A) Other than producing gold by the back-breaking work of panning, most mining ventures require an investment of capital —that actually is spent in on or under the ground.

B) And that many do not understand that “true wealth is either harvested, or mined.” And while those“so smart” for understanding things as derivatives, hedge funds, credit default swaps, and ETF’s (see www.TheMiningInvestor.com), really does not really qualify them to earn them for CEO style bonuses for taking mining properties into bankruptcy

C) For more information on how your mining prospect can be listed here e-mail or call (503) 753-5868

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